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20/21 JULY 2024


Nurturing Souls, Illuminating Hearts

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by Mary M. McGlone

Jesus and Jeremiah offer complementary perspectives on the concept of sheep and shepherds. Jeremiah criticizes religious leaders who do not live up to their vocation, leaving flocks vulnerable to predators and scattering them. Jesus, on the other hand, sees the hungry people as sheep without a shepherd, who are left in the desert by their indifferent leaders.

Jesus and Jeremiah both acknowledge that the sheep are vulnerable because their religious leaders display their signs of office as symbols of their importance, leading to a state of religious famine. The crowd seeking Jesus prepares for the Gospels we will hear from now through the end of August. The miraculous sharing of food and Jesus’ bread of life discourse all start with people who were hungry and Jesus’ response to them.

The Gospel tells us that when Jesus was moved to compassion when he saw how the people were searching for him, he began to teach them “many things.” He felt so deeply with the hungry people that he had to respond to them, helping them get in touch with what their hearts desired. His living message about God’s immeasurable love was the only thing he ever taught.

Today, we see multitudes of people who are like sheep without a shepherd. Some don’t seek a shepherd because they have ignored or given up the search for ultimate meaning in their lives. Others may be buying advertising’s promises that more is better or that the right product will bring them popularity and prosperity, never acquiring the one thing that answers their needs.

Today’s crowds aren’t chasing Jesus’ boat. They are seeking unity in stadiums where they can shout with their fellow fans, but they are enthralled by speakers who rile them up without saying anything of substance. They are marching against immigrants and others whose “differences” seem threatening. They are finding community in gangs and solace in addictive substances and practices.

In Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis pleads for systemic change by acknowledging the dignity of each human person and creating an atmosphere of compassion that can nudge the world toward embracing our unity.


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To all parishioners who celebrated their birthdays or anniversaries this week.


Our deepest sympathies to all parishioners who lost loved ones the past week. May their soul Rest in Eternal Peace.


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Prayers for the Sick in the Parish

We pray that our Heavenly Father blesses our sick with comfort and restoration. We especially pray for: O Pretorius, D Duncan, A Simons, Mrs Abrahams, Mrs Paulse, M Oliphant, Mrs Pillay, Mrs Samuels, J Jones, M Snyders, G Grey, E Goa, R van Rooyen, Ms Magerman, T Vassen, P May, P Heunis, Mrs Viewe, L Grey, Mrs E Jacobs, Mrs V Pillay, Mrs Booysen, E Petersen, B Arthur, F Anthony, E Kleinsmit and all parishioners we are not aware of.

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