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18/19 MAY 2024


Nurturing Souls, Illuminating Hearts

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by Mary M. McGlone

The Liturgy of the Word for the Vigil of Pentecost begins by restating the Genesis myth of the Fall in a different context, portraying a paradise of united humanity without divisions of geography, language, or anything else. However, competition, inequality, and resistance to diversity emerged among them, leading to the construction of a tower, moulding bricks, and using bitumen for mortar, ultimately resulting in Babel. This created a situation where they could not trust one another and could no longer speak the one language of a united people.

Like the story of the Garden of Eden and the murder of Abel, this account gives another explanation of the origins of evil and the seemingly invincible divisions among Earth's people. Jesus’ mission was to heal these divisions, revealing the union with God and neighbour that humanity was created to enjoy. Jesus describes the salvation he offers as living water, the source of life, and invites us to contemplate how Christ can be our sustenance and refreshment, inviting us into the kind of union that happens as drops of water come together and begin to flow as one.

The readings for the liturgy of the Vigil of Pentecost do not repeat Luke's account in Acts about the descent of the Holy Spirit. Instead, they amplify and deepen our reflection on our participation in the Spirit. Paul’s letter to the Romans emphasizes that the gift of the Spirit is an evolving reality, and we are both giving birth and waiting for the unfathomable identity with Christ that Paul describes as “adoption” by God.

Paul puts great emphasis on the idea that the Spirit in us is an experience of grace and hope, not an ambition or a project. Hope in the Spirit puts us in a stance of vulnerable trust, believing that more is on the horizon than we could ever imagine. Even our prayer becomes a work of the Spirit within us, a wordless, imageless longing for what only God can provide, the living water that is life for all in Christ.

The liturgy for the Vigil of Pentecost invites us into hope, dreaming to “lean on the future,” allowing God’s future to beckon us forth. This evolutionary hope is not for what we see but for what we are willing to wait for with patience and endurance. This feast invites us to walk in humility so that God can continue to create through and for us, reminding us that the Christian journey is not a return to a perfect past but an experience of wayfaring with Abraham into the risky, mysterious future that can come about only when we trust God more than our own hopes and plans.


Diocesan Liturgical Workshop for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (Lay Ministers)

Friday, 17 May 2024 to Saturday, 18 May 2024

Further details to be confirmed.

Deanery Youth Retreat

Friday, 17 May 2024 & Saturday, 18 May 2024

Fr. Koloi (Youth Chaplain)

Assumption Parish

Deanery Corpus Christi Feast

Sunday, 2 June 2024

Diocesan Youth Camp

Saturday, 15 June 2024 to Monday, 17 June 2024


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18 May 2024

S Towell & D Towell

19 May 2024

G Grey & C Booysen

25 May 2024

C Fortuin & MA Jacobs

26 May 2024

D Pretorius & A Simons


19 May 2024

Misha & Marche

26 May 2024

Tristan & Lemaurn



To all parishioners who celebrated their birthdays or anniversaries this week.


Our deepest sympathies to all parishioners who lost loved ones the past week. May their soul Rest in Eternal Peace.


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Prayers for the Sick in the Parish

We pray that our Heavenly Father blesses our sick with comfort and restoration. We especially pray for: O Pretorius, D Duncan, A Simons, Mrs Abrahams, Mrs Paulse, M Oliphant, Mrs Pillay, Mrs Samuels, J Jones, M Snyders, G Grey, E Goa, R van Rooyen, Ms Magerman, T Vassen, P May, P Heunis, Mrs Viewe, L Grey, Mrs E Jacobs, Mrs V Pillay, Mrs Booysen, E Petersen, B Arthur, F Anthony, E Kleinsmit and all parishioners we are not aware of.

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